Nespresso Lattissima Pro – Cappuccino or Latte at the touch of a button

The Nespresso Lattissima Pro is a compact single-served Nespresso maker with the all-important colossal milk frother.

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine by De'Longhi with Milk Frother, Silver
  • IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FOAM: The De’Longhi Automatic Cappuccino System creates perfectly layered espresso beverages,...
  • NESPRESSO CAPSULE SYSTEM: The ultimate convenience; The recyclable aluminum capsules contain the finest espressos...
  • ONE TOUCH SIMPLICITY: One button – that’s all it takes to enjoy exceptional espressos, bold cappuccinos, creamy...
  • BRINGS OUT MORE FLAVOR: De’Longhi’s patented espresso extraction system creates the ideal flow of water with 19...

It makes espresso at just the click of a button. Packed with tons of premium features and high tech configurations, coupled with its signature and famous milk steamer, it is a leading product in a coffee world.

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This unit has some of the features that competes with the very best in the high-end Nespresso makers on the market.

It is one of the highly sort after premium single-serve with milk frother, 5 liter capacity, in the market.

It comes with a pull out stand which provides the precise height for an espresso cup or a taller glass for a latte or a Cappuccino.



The Lattissima comes with a 0.9L water tank, that almost covers the whole width of the machine like any Nespresso tank is made of plastic and transparent, making it easy to read how much water is left in the tank, to determine when you need to feel the cistern. Is easily removed or substituted.

For clamping and inserting the coffee capsules in the machine, it uses a custom lever-based method. When you raise the silver handle on the machine the capsule receptacle opens the device.

Drop the capsule in and lock the handle, choose the drink you prefer.

Don’t worry about operating the system, it has an easy to use one touch based button, with four (LCD) buttons will serve you any of the coffee and milk drink you’ve chosen. Some of the choices include:

  •     Espresso
  •     Lungo
  •     Cappuccino
  •     Latte
  •     Macchiato

This Nespresso maker will perfectly handle all the steaming, mixtures and delivery duties needed. Which is great if you want your coffee served without hassle in seconds (45 seconds max).

On the milk holder an analogue dial that determines the rate of frothiness of the milk in respect to your decision and preference making it perfect for Lattes and cappuccinos.

Even when you decide to manually operate the machine, there is still a level of automation done, since the device was technically designed to serve coffee almost instantaneously. Which can be a little of a down side, it means that customization of your own coffee is limited.

But the aeroccino feature of the maker serves you steam milk faster than you would normally expect from other coffee machines.


Now on the performance side of the machine, the maker is a beast at brewing and delivery a good quality tasting espresso every time. It is compatible with various Nespresso capsules, and fully supports an automatic froth delivery.

  • It has a built-in hot water feature. You can easily make a long black with espresso plus hot water.
  • It uses a twin thermoblock to maintain a consistent temperature.
  • The wait time for coffee delivery is just over 30 seconds with a maximum of 45 seconds.
  • It has the water level sensor technology to monitor the water level in the water tank. The tank is removable.
  • When idle for 9 minutes the auto power off will kicks in.


The Lattissima Pro Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi (view on Amazon) is all about making delicious Cappuccino, Latte or Macchiato at a touch of a button. The digital touchscreen is intuitive and simple to use. It also has a hot water feature to make Americano or Long Black conveniently.


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You will also like the alert function for descaling, and the energy saving feature to turn off the machine after 9 minutes of inactivity.

This Lattissima delivers speedy coffee and milk drinks, and it is convenient to use. Overall it is a top notch Nespresso machine and a good value for money.