Nespresso Pixie by Breville

Waiting for your cup of coffee has never been faster with the Nespresso pixie. It delivers in just over 25 seconds. Generally when you hear the word “Pixie” you instantly think of something small and maybe quiet, which is the image the machine presents.

Nespresso BEC430TTN Pixie Espresso Machine, 24 ounces by Breville, Titan
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to...
  • ESPRESSO MACHINE: Enjoy a full range of espresso coffee with Nespresso. Includes a fast heating time of 25 seconds...
  • COFFEE SELECTIONS: Brew better coffee at home with two programmable buttons with automatic flow stop for Espresso...
  • FOR ALL COFFEE DRINKERS: Embody the expertise of Nespresso with a user friendly, classic Espresso machine. The...

The smallest of the famous Nespresso models, it is compact and can perfectly fit into a small kitchen. It is made for people with a small kitchen or don’t want a cumbersome coffee machine in the cooking space.

It delivers a really good quality single and double espresso from a capsule almost instantaneously. This unit does not have a built-in milk frother. You might already have an aeroccino to froth milk. If not, check out a more premium coffee maker like Smeg to make your cappuccino.

Let’s Start with Nespresso Pixie Review


This compact machine measures at 4.4″ W x 9.3″ H x 12.8″ D. It comes with 2 pairs of replaceable metal panels, which can pull on or off to instantly altering its aesthetic.

If you want to customize the panels to change the look, you can always order patterned panels at $20-$40 per pair.

It also has a foldable cup support to accommodate bigger cup size.

This is a compact and powerful coffee machine at an affordable price tag. It can brew both the espresso and Lungo, from the capsules at the single touch of a button, making it one of the most convenient coffee systems.


The coffee system is not like the other high-end coffee making systems from Nespresso, it basically gets the job done in a quick time. Technically designed and targeted for the budget-friendly coffee lovers.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Brewing: Is as simple as the name suggest, just stick the coffee capsule and choose the size of the cup, Switch on the button and BUM!!, Coffee is ready, Perfectly brewed to impress every time.
  • Speed: Automated brewing is just the icing on the cake when using the pixie, when making coffee the point is to be served by the machine, as fast as possible. The pixie guarantees express delivery in that  department. Unlike other single cup coffee units in the market, is relatively fast at 25 seconds processing time.
  • 19-Bar pressure pump: Coffee is all about flavor, the pixie has a 19-bar pressure pump for the perfect and precise extraction of the liquid. And gives an accurate strength and taste to your coffee mix.
  • 3 shot size selector: When making espresso coffee you can use the two button on the pixie to choose a 10z, 20z or 30z shots of espresso. Which is another unique feature.
  • Thermoblock technology: Like other Nespresso models, the pixie also possess the thermoblock technology. It ensures accurate temperature during each brewing section.


The Nespresso Pixie notwithstanding the clips are confined to 2 basic coffee drinks, the coffee produce a fragrant crema with smooth-bodied coffee as end product.

Thanks to the 19-bar pressure unit which helps ensure accurate flavor extraction from the coffee grain. The grand crus will ensure any coffee aficionado is well satisfied.

The capsules range from strong flavor to vanilla-like blend, with 4 decaffeinated option which is fantastic.

But as good as the coffee produced might be, if you like milk-based drinks, its better you purchase an aeroccino.


Choice and variety depends on individual preferences. When selecting a coffee machine it depends on budget, features you want and the brand of the coffee machine.

The Nespresso BEC430TTN Pixie espresso machine by Breville (view on Amazon) has its room for improvements. However, it is very affordable, and it will brew an espresso or a Lungo in less than a minute. When it comes to the basic coffee drink, the Pixie is excellent.


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So if you are looking for a basic capsule-based espresso maker, consider the Nespresso Pixie – it is a great choice at this price point.