Nespresso Essenza Review

The Nespresso essenza is a single served espresso machine, which is probably one of the smallest of the Nespresso models. Is a very small compact device. Not with standing the machine maintains the speed, convenience and easy to operate mechanism that we are accustomed to with Nespresso models.

Full Product Review

Nespresso products are famous for good nespresso with great taste and flair, coupled the trade mark compact size the Essenza can easily fit into any kitchen unit. Although not fully automated like the other Nespresso models it still maintains that great coffee consistency. The machine guarantees that your nespresso drink is perfect.It employs the simplicity of the other Nespresso products, though is obviously a cheaper version. The Essenza is very quick, if you want your coffee delivered quickly with a good quality taste this Nespresso maker is capable of doing a great job.

Usually some low budget machines take a while from heating to brewing, before the final product. With the Essenza you don’t have to worry too much about speed, though not so fast it will deliver in much faster than the other devices in same price category as this machine.If you want to enjoy the luxurious world of Nespresso, but you are on a low budget and you want something cheaper than the high end Nespresso models then the Essenza is great choice.


Though relatively cheap, the Essenza still possess some great features that will rival any traditional coffee machine. Some of the features includes:

  • Speed: The Essenza don’t pre heat as fast as other Nespresso brands coming in at 60 seconds, while the other more premium models pre-heat is at 25 seconds or less. But again, the pre heating is fast enough for the price tag.  If you want a faster pre heating, then you need to look for more expensive models.
  • Automation:The Pixie and other Nespresso Higher devices are all fully automated and they all you an automatic volume control unit, but the Essenza uses a manual control. Which means that during brewing of the coffee, you will have to control the volume of the nespresso that drops in the cup. Unlike in the fully automated machines where it just controls itself.
  • Capacity: The Essenza has a tank capacity of 30oz, which is higher than in the Pixie. But still not the biggest in the models, get ready to frequently refill the system with water regularly. But the tank capacity is more than enough unless you really make a lot of coffee.
  • Automated Light Indictor: This machine lacks an automated light indicator which dictates when the water tank is empty. A major feature in other models also full capsule drawer and descale indicators are of which the Essenza lack.
  • Color: This machine is available only in black while other models are available in different colors, which is a major con if you are someone that is skeptical about colors.

Finally, there isn’t any particular feature that the essenza has that is lacking in other brands of the products. But if you are a die hard fan of Nespresso products or you are on low budget the Essenza is a good idea. It will still do a decent job.


The Nespresso Essenza lacks an integrated Aeroccino unlike the other coffee machines of the model like the CitiZ. If you want to make a cappuccino or latte, the milk based drinks. You will have to purchase the Aeroccino unit. The company do have Aeroccino which will fit into the Essenza perfectly for easy heating and frothing of milk. The Nespresso capsules that can be used in the Essenza is only the one from Nespresso, another capsules will not fit.

The machine uses a 19-bar pressure pump system, which means that the extraction is perfect and produces a significantly better flavor, unlike the steam based mechanism that is found in coffee machines of the same price range which is old fashioned, the crema produced by the Essenza is supreme. It has the auto ejection system for used capsules and the container can hold up to 11-12 capsules.

Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker, Black
  • Compact brewing unit technology,19 bar pressure pump,thermoblock heating element
  • Manual volume control, backlit coffee buttons, easy insertion of capusle, ejection of used capsule,
  • Capsule container for 14 used capsules, 0.9 liter removable water tank
  • Drip tray water capacity

Final thoughts

Why should you purchase Nespresso essenza? Well it depends on your budget and personal preferences, if you are effectively willing to forfeit some of the Nespresso classic features, the Essenza will be a good buy. The Essenza isn’t packed with premium features it isn’t a premium machine anyway. But it still brews and delivers a high quality Nespresso drink.

Overall, it is a fantastic and easy to use coffee machine that gets the job done.