Best Nespresso Machine Reviewed – Coffee at the push of a button

When you want to savor the taste of a good shot of espresso but you don’t want the complexity and time required to use the automatic espresso machines, a Nespresso machine may well be the perfect solution. Nestle (the parent company) provides a way to enjoy espresso without all the mess and fuss.

Nestle Nespresso has licensed their technology to several appliance manufacturers including De’Longhi, Breville and Krups. So, you have options to choose your favorite brand to make your perfect cup of coffee drinks.

Nespresso machines are semi-automatic espresso makers using coffee capsules in preparation. Many people find that they are easier to use than most home coffee makers.

best nespresso machine

Nespresso machines are typically more affordable than super-automatic espresso machines. And, they are compact in size, and a breeze to operate.

We’ve tested and reviewed these Nespresso machines to make it easy for you to choose just the right one. We hope our review will help you choose just the right one for your home or office.

Best Nespresso Machine: Our Top 6 Choices

1. DeLonghi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro Machine (view on Amazon)

The DeLonghi America EN750MB Lattissima Pro Machine is a Nespresso machine produced by arguably the leading producer of espresso makers worldwide.

As such, DeLonghi provides a superb design implemented with several patented features, like the automatic cappuccino Latte Crema System to give you the best espresso at the touch of a button.

The DeLonghi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Espresso Machine makes the best cappuccinos, hot milk, and lattes at in seconds.

The Nespresso coffee capsules allow you to quickly choose among a variety of brews available at the press of a button to produce a cup of espresso or cappuccino.

It is well designed with self-cleaning functions that save time and effort.

The America EN750MB provides a great collection of features and conveniences for only a bit more than much more limited Nespresso machines. Step up to the best.


  • Patented Nespresso Capsule System
  • Easy-to-use touch panel display
  • Comes with 6 pre-programmed drinks
  • Also makes hot water & tea
  • Capsule container holds up to 15 used capsules
  • 25 second start-up time for espressos
  • 40 second start-up time for milk
  • Die-cast body with chrome cup support and drip tray
  • 44-oz. water tank and 16.9-oz. milk tank
  • Dishwasher-safe milk tank
  • 2-year warranty


  • Superb Italian design, quality, and feature set
  • Very short start-up time
  • Produces great tasting drinks
  • Makes it easy to produce Latte Crema

2. Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother , Black (view on Amazon)

This amazing machine will gives you exactly what a cup of nespresso is loved for. When you take a cup of cappuccino from this machine, you get that complete taste with exquisite crema which makes it so much more enjoyable. Not to mention that sweet aroma that gets you going in the morning. You can save a ton of money with your own machine rather than buying an espresso every day. With this machine, you can enjoy the perfect cappuccino, macchiato or latte every single morning.

This Nespresso coffee machine comes with an impressive milk frothier, it’s called Aeroccino plus. Preparation is so easy that it only takes one touch. No need to be worried about confusing buttons all over your Nespresso machine. You only have 3 bullet points’ instructions to learn how to operate this machine and you are ready to start making the perfect hot/cold coffee every single day.

You friends might begin to visit more frequent because of the amazing latte your espresso machine makes at the push of a button. Inserting and ejecting capsules is also very easy with Nespresso Citiz C111. It can hold as many as ten capsules and it has a 34 ounce removable water-tank which can only be used to brew Nespresso coffee capsules.

The brewing unit is also impressively compact. Preheating can be as fast as 25 secs with a high pressure pump. The machine automatically powers off when inactive for up to 9 minutes.

The amount of coffee you want can also be programmed into the machine. This is one of the best coffee machines on Amazon which does both espresso and lungo, you might want to quickly order one while it is available at the current low price. Making tall glass recipes is also accommodated with this Nespresso coffee machine.

3. Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker,

our 3rd best Nespresso Machine choice, Black (view on Amazon)

You do not have to spend a fortune to get quality espresso. Nespresso Inissia costs less than Vertuoline  and does just what you need. This machine is programmable and the injection and ejection of capsules couldn’t be easier. One reason I love this machine so much is that I do not have to wait for it to warm up before selecting the kind of coffee I want. Its takes just 25 seconds to preheat and it comes with a 19 Bar pump which has sufficient pressure for my needs.

It is energy efficient and holds up to 11 used capsules at a time. This Nespresso coffee maker also comes with separate buttons to prepare espresso and lungo. You also get a removable water tank and a folding cup tray that can accommodate a tall recipe glass. By pressing just two buttons, this Nespresso machine starts brewing your coffee while you are free to go about observing your morning rituals. It saves a lot of time, unlike some old model machines. This new Nespresso coffee maker is certainly worth the price.

If you also buy the Aeroccino you can expect the best Lattes, and not just espresso, Americano or lungo. In addition, it is so beautifully designed that it will complement your kitchen, living area or office.

Those who are worried about leaving a mess with a coffee maker shouldn’t be. Everything about this machine makes for easy use without spillage. The tray is smart and drops automatically to avoid spilling your coffee. In all, this Nespresso coffee maker easily tops the list for its effectiveness and affordability. In addition, it is also beautifully designed and does not take too much space on your counter top.

4. Nespresso CitiZ original by De'Longhi, white (view on Amazon)

This semi-automatic machine was designed for those who love the best quality coffee and also love technology and retro designs. This technologically advanced coffee maker comes at a really amazing price even though it never fails to give that tantalizing aroma, and the rich taste that the best Nespresso coffee makers are respected for.

The crema produces by the citiZ is simply exquisite. This machine provides you with 14 coffee capsules made with premium quality Grand Cru coffee. Each capsule offers tantalizing aroma that I love so much. You can add milk to your Nespresso with a variety of recipes that would interest you.

It is as easy to get the coffee capsules as it is to get this coffee maker. Simply order for it and you will enjoy excellent customer service from Nespresso.

This machine comes with a 34 ounce water tank that can be removed easily. It holds 10 capsules. Ejecting or injecting the capsules is very easy.

It takes only 25 seconds to preheat and it comes with a high pressure 19-bar pump for quick delivery. The machine powers off automatically if you don’t use it for 9 minutes in order to save power.

In addition, you can also program into the machine how much espresso or Lungo you want. Whether you prefer a hot espresso or ice coffee (add ice to Lungo), this machine will make the perfect coffee drink for you. I think the best thing about this machine is that it is so easy to use, and it produces Nespresso coffee as good as any despite its low price point.

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The Delonghi Silver Lattissima gives you the best Nespresso at the touch of a button. You can get a wide range of features with this machine. It is automatic and produces for you the best cappuccinos, hot milk and lattes at record speed. All you need are Nespresso coffee capsules and the press of a button to get yourself a full glass cup of cappuccino.

Another wonderful thing about this coffee maker is that it cleans itself so you won’t have to worry about making a mess while trying to clean it. It is well designed with self-cleaning functions that save you a lot of stress.

The welcome kit that comes with this machine is also quite impressive. You even get Nespresso capsules for free to get you started.

No worries if you don’t have too much spare space on your cabinet as it only measures 12.59 by 6.69 by 10.2, and it weighs just 9.76 pounds. This means it can fit in right on your cabinet and moving it around is a snap.

The Delonghi Silver Lattissima’s hot milk system is a thing of beauty. It only takes a single touch to bring the milk tank to the right spot and cleaning is very easy too. Choosing your favorite milk is also easy, you get up to 3 milk selections, you also get two coffee selections. Both the single touch milk system and the coffee capsule system are patented and unique to this machine.

DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso

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You also get to save power using this machine as it automatically switches off after some minutes of inactivity; even this is programmable which makes it a really great buy for the price.

Surprisingly, this super high function Delonghi Silver Lattissima Nespresso coffee maker costs only a bit more than other less functional Nespresso machines.

Despite the inexpensive price, it still remains one of the best coffee machines out there.

6. Nespresso BEC430TTN Pixie Espresso Machine by Breville (view on Amazon)

This coffee maker is one of my personal favorites It comes with programmable buttons that make wonderful espressos and Lungo. I have never heard any complaint from friends who have tried out drinks from this machine.

If you are a busy person and always in a rush in the morning, this Pixie by Breville is designed with you in mind. It can brew your coffee in just 25 seconds. You won’t even have to move away from that spot before your coffee is ready.

The technology on the Pixie maker is amazing. You have backlighted indicators, used capsule container, water level detection, convenient power cord storage and water level detection. What more could the best Nespresso machine have?

There is no need to worry about space either. This espresso machine is quite compact. It measures 12.83 inch in length, 4.33 inch in width and 9.25 inch in height.

The weight is only 6.6 pounds. The pressure pump is 19-bar.

It produces a rich crema every time with the aid of the thermo block heating unit that comes with it.

What to Look For When Buying: Best Nespresso Machine Buying Guide


We all know you can get better coffee from Nespresso machine than you can get at the coffee shop. Although most Nespresso machines will give you that full bodied taste of coffee that we all love, there are still some subtle differences that might influence your overall satisfaction with your coffee maker. While this article is focused on Nespresso machines, we also feature manual espresso machines that won’t break the bank.

Here we quickly give a rundown of what you need to consider when buying a Nespresso coffee machine.

Cost: Even when they come from the same factory, Nespresso machines can vary significantly in price. Therefore you should consider your options to make sure that you won’t buy a high cost machine that more functionality than you need. For example, for every difference in price in the machines reviewed above, make sure that you are getting a concomitant increase in functionality you want.

More than that, you also need to think of the whole package. Recall that the pods will be a recurring cost for you to consider.

Flavors and Size of Drinks: This also varies across board. So you have to ensure that your coffee maker can do the exact type of Nespresso coffee you love with the cup size that you prefer.

Consider Design and Size: We all have different design tastes. What I think looks great may not be attractive to you. There are so many choices so it is wise to choose an espresso machine with a design that really appeals to you. Also consider how much space you have for a Nespresso machine on your counter. Even if you have limited space, it is likely any of these machines will fit well.

Investing in an excellent coffee maker is always a wise decision. The machines we have reviewed can last you for years. Surely, when you calculate the satisfaction of getting excellent quality Nespresso coffee over a few years, it conveniently covers the cost of any of these machines.

You can check out the machines on Amazon and learn more about them. Almost all of them come with free shipping and they are returnable if you are not satisfied with the purchase. So there is no risk here. That is the advantage of buying from Amazon. You can always expect excellent customer service. Enough said.