About Us

Welcome to Stella Coffee’s blog site founded by me and my daughter Michelle who shared the same joy of exploring coffee.

My personal coffee journey started more than two decades ago. I was on a 17-month assignment in the Seattle area. Being away from my family, I spent most nights (after work) at coffee shops and playing guitars in open mic. You guessed it – coffee and guitars are some of my passions in life. During that memorable stay, I had the good fortune to meet many creative artisans – from baristas to master roasters, to fellow guitarists.

My daughter, Michelle who was five then, was staying with my folks in Denver during those two years. I am always impressed by how Michelle still remembers the many occasions when she and my folks came to visit me during some weekends.

My hobby of roasting coffee beans started shortly after I wrapped up my assignment up in the Northwest. Since then, Michelle and I have moved to Northern California. And, she’s now all grown up and just started medical school this fall.

The 20+ years between then and now – Michelle has taken several trips with me to the many lands that produce coffee crops, to several iconic espresso machine manufacturers, and to countless coffee tastings at home and at cafés. Along the way, I have roasted small patches of coffee for local cafés, and purchased hundreds of home and commercial espresso machines for personal use, friends and clients.

Stellacoffees.com is created out of our passion for coffee.

We bring reviews for quality products from the coffee world, from stylish coffee makers to high-performance espresso machines to reliable burr grinders. We hope our blogs will elevate your coffee experience.

Have fun exploring the world of coffee.

Chase and Michelle Teague