Nespresso CitiZ Review – a timeless original

Did you know how many Nespresso coffee drinks are consumed every minute in the world? It’s an astonishing estimated amount of 24,000 cups per minute worldwide! (400 cups/second x 60 seconds). So it seems many coffee drinkers are fans of Nespresso single served coffee and espresso. CitiZ is part of that amazing Nespresso trend. It … Read more

Nespresso Essenza Review

Essenza Nespresso Machine

The Nespresso essenza is a single served espresso machine, which is probably one of the smallest of the Nespresso models. Is a very small compact device. Not with standing the machine maintains the speed, convenience and easy to operate mechanism that we are accustomed to with Nespresso models. Features Though relatively cheap, the Essenza still … Read more

Nespresso Inissia Full Product Review

It contains a 10 capsule container with automated ejection, which makes other maintenance easy. Unlike other coffee machines, you don’t need to remove the container every time you use the device. When done making coffee, just pull the lever up it will push the spout out, dropping pod in to the dregs box. Which technically … Read more

Nespresso Pixie by Breville

Waiting for your cup of coffee has never been faster with the Nespresso pixie. It delivers in just over 25 seconds. Generally when you hear the word “Pixie” you instantly think of something small and maybe quiet, which is the image the machine presents. The smallest of the famous Nespresso models, it is compact and … Read more

Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker Review

VertuoLine Nespresso Review

The device will not accept other capsules from other models, it has its own separately designed capsules that has a bar code enclaved under it. The bar code is technically programmed with the size of the cup, the temperature, and overall rational speed. The flow rate, the number of times the water is in full … Read more