Stella Coffees – We Love Everything Coffee!

At Stella Coffees, we love the world of coffee – from harvesting coffee cherries to roasting coffee beans to brewing a perfect cup.

Journey through 3800 miles to visit a coffee farm – spent 2 years and 3 months to get that perfect medium roast – hand-pull a perfect shot – get the right ratio of steam milk and layer of foam – it’s all about coffee being part of our lifestyle.

A key step in the journey from roasting beans to enjoying the coffee in your cup is the brewing process.

How you brew, what grinder, and what coffee or espresso machine you use

We launched Stella Coffees to:

  • help fellow coffee enthusiasts to have access to the many grinders and brewing options, and to
  • share useful tips to add enjoyment to the home barista experience.

We hope our blogs will help you elevate your coffee connection and have fun exploring the world of coffee.

Does your espresso drink reveal your personality?

Can People really guess your personality by what coffee you drink?
Find out what your sign has to do with what kind of coffee you drink

Where style meets functionality

How much time, effort and expense to invest in a coffee machine?

Espresso machine with built-in grinder – convenience & space saving!

Simply good coffee – with the right gear!


Enjoy the journey and discovery – to improve your coffee experience – through your choice of an expresso maker, a French press, a coffee grinder, a roaster, or the aromatic world of bean selection.