Nespresso CitiZ Review

DeLonghi CompactEveryone is a big fan of the Nespresso single served system coffee machine, and the CitiZ is no different from that Nespresso trend.It offers the same seamless quality nespresso everyone is accustomed to from Nespresso products. Very compact and stylish, the CitiZ is one of a kind nespresso machine.If you live in the city and you are looking to save some extra counter space, the CitiZis for you. As the name suggest the “CitiZ “specifically designed for city dwellers like you.

Our Full Review

At just about 5” thick, even on the base you will have no trouble making a space for the system.Like most Nespresso models the sleek retro design makes other kitchen devices look ancient.
For other entry grade Nespresso models in the same price range, the machine has a taller build which allows to flip up the cup holder and slot in a larger cup,, under the spout, which can be very useful for making lattes.
The operation and functionality of the CitiZ is just like other Nespresso products, just fill the 1 liter tank at the back of the machine, pull down the lever handle and push the button to select either espresso or lungo, and your drink is ready.
The machine is automated and will complete the brewing process with the proprietary Nespresso pods for quality coffee.Moreover, the machine is relatively faster than the Latissma, which is a high end device in the model range. But on the con side of the machine it lacks an in built frothier mechanism, so that’s a bad news for all the cappuccino lovers.

The Features

The slender design Nespresso CitiZ can fit in almost any space you allocate for it in your kitchen. Which is grate for people living in small apartments or a dorm. Now let’s into some of the most outstanding features of the NespressoCitiZ.

Brew Volume control technology: There are two preset directions for the espresso or lungo coffee. You can adjust your own intensity by easily pressing any of the brew buttons. This can be very handle, unlike other models almost everything is fully automated. But the innovation of the CitiZ to allow easy control of the coffee intensity is superb.

Ability to match color: If you like limousine black, fire engine red or any other color. You can easily match your preference with a color selection in the Nespresso CitiZ.

Automatic Capsule Ejection: Another innovative feature of the machine is the capacity to automatically remove the capsule after brewing. The used capsules will be removed by pushing the bar handle upwards, before finally ejecting the capsules the container can hold about 10 capsules.Also the drip tray in the CitiZ is like the one found in the premium models with the ability to fold with a simple push upwards direction to accommodate any size cup like a Mug.

Larger Tank: Is not the biggest in the Nespresso models, but at 34oz the CitiZ water container is at list bigger than in the Pixie. You won’t need to refill the container frequently, and the container is also removable, and can be refilled from the top.

Automated Power Off: After brewing the machine automatically powers off, after about 30 minutes, so don’t border forgetting to switch off the device. Also is a really good way to conserve energy.


Steaming:The aeroccino and frothier attached will make the creamer with precise micro foam, for either hot or cold coffee in about 60 seconds.
The frothier comes with a double Wisk which was perfectly designed for hot or cold coffee just introduce the right volume of milk in the lid and close the container. Power on the device, don’t try to hold on to it why arranging it to texture the milk.
Display & Control: The Nespresso CitiZ has an aluminous bright display, coupled with an easy to use button for either the espresso or lungo. You can’t really get confused, there are technically only three switch buttons in the display.The vacuum sealed capsule technology, which was exclusively made for only Nespresso models arrives in different flavors.
Brewing:The brewing in the Nespresso CitiZ is very simple and anyone can operate the device, when making an espresso the pre-heat is about 60 seconds, the actual brew time is about 30 seconds. Before you turn on the device, be sure to fill the water tank preferably with a filtered water open the top handle and inject your capsule and insert a cup on the drip tray. Select either espresso or lungo and YALLA!!! Your coffee is ready brewed to perfection.

Final note

The CitiZ possess an incredible design in its model range, coupled with loads of innovative features, with a great automation properties. At a price of $279 this machine is certainly one of the best nespresso machines and it is highly recommended for the mid-range
budget coffee machines.