What is the Best French Press Coffee Maker for 2021

People who enjoy a good coffee not only for the taste but also for its healthy properties know that a French press coffee is the best way to get the best from coffee grounds, not to mention these little machines can be used to infuse not only coffee but also tea. The french press coffee maker carafes are as famous as the Moka pots and you can have singular beverages with this simple carafe turned into machine system.

We selected 6 of the best rated and purchased French press coffee makers carafes in the market and we will guide you to know what they have to offer to you and as well, how to get the best one for your needs.

French Press Coffee Maker : Our Top Choices

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press

Double Wall Stainless Steel French PressThe first model of our list is a great French press developed by a renowned brand manufacturing coffee machines of many kinds, their French press are some of the best in the market, this model itself being listed as #1 top seller and most wished product in the general coffee servers list of web stores like Amazon, competing with so many other of its kind, that is a big deal just to say a few and, nonetheless, this is the first of two SterlingPro French coffee press of our list. This relic is a completely made on stainless steel made on a double wall, so it works like a terrific thermos bottle, the coffee is kept warm for as long as 2 hours on the ideal temperature. The filter system is the standard dual and this coffee maker can also be used for teas and able to prepare up to 34. oz a time.


  • Completely made on stainless steel with dual wall construction
  • Capacity for up to 34 oz.
  • Dual filter system


  • The stainless steel won’t rust or damage. You can even wash it on your dishwasher with the convenient soap for dishwashers, it won’t stick residual soap and it won’t taint.
  • The dual wall built is ideal to keep the coffee warm for up to 2 hours. It works like a thermos bottle and also ensures the coffee won’t lose heat to the lid and holder also made on steel.
  • The dual filter system of the SterlingPro French press is one of the best in the market and ensures you will get no coffee ground or tea leaves on your cup, only the infusion.
  • Original listing price from goes from medium to high $$ range.

Secura French Press Coffee Maker

French Press, SecuraAnother top french press model  completely made of stainless steel on our list, this Secura French Press is the only one that is available on two ounces capacities, from 34 or 50 ounces. On the other hand, different from our first SterlingPro, this coffee press is not dual walled, so the coffee or tea here will not be kept warm for that long. Even though, this model also has thermal isolation for handlers and lid, so you don’t need to worry about the beverage losing even more heat for these parts of the coffee press. Alongside the two options of capacity for the coffee press, this model also offers a three layered filter system, this is ideal for the preparation of infusions with smaller coffee ground or coffee grounds that are grinded more intensively. Likewise, grained tea types are most likely to be successfully infused with this press than with others of dual layers.


  • Made on single stainless wall. Lid and holder also made on stainless steel.
  • 3 layered filter system
  • Available on 34 oz. and 50 oz. capacities.


  • The 3 layered filter system offers better results for smaller or more grinded grains while dual filter models won’t do that job that well in this scenario.
  • The lid and the holder and thermal isolated so you won’t need to worry about hurting your fingers or using a cloth or something to protect yourself.

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

French Press, Makes both Coffee and Tea!This is the first of three models of our best french coffee maker  list that are made on glass instead of stainless steel. Glass has its advantages compared to stainless steel, like, for example, it will actually be a better thermal insulating than one layered only stainless steel machines. This model also has a stainless steel insulated shell to avoid even more the heat dissipation and a stainless steel lid isolated by a plastic liner to ensure damage control on your hands. This is also a dual layered filter system coffee press.


  • Made on glass with stainless steel insulated outer shell
  • Lid made on stainless steel
  • Capacity for up to 34 oz.
  • Dual filter system


  • The glass keeps the coffee warmer for longer with the help of the protective outer shell that insulates the carafe.
  • You can wash it on your dish washer – though don’t use soap to do not damage the glass. Stainless steel parts are soap residual proof tough.

SterlingPro French Coffee Press

Coffee Press by SterlingPro makes the perfect cup of coffeeThe second SterlingPro of our list their option of press made on glass, and like their stainless steel one, this one is really great when it comes to thermal insulating. Different from the others models made on glass, this SterlingPro is made with a borosilicate glass that ensures a much more effective insulation. To make the job even better, this model also has a stainless steel outer shell and a plastic liner to insulate the stainless steel lid. The handler is made on plastic, making it slightly more accessible when it comes to money and yet beautiful and functional as this plastic polymer is as much heat resistant and insulated as any other material.


  • 34 oz. capacity
  • Double screens system filter
  • Borosilicate glass resistant to heat
  • Lid made of stainless steel


  • The coffee maker includes one additional set of two screen filters for free so ensure you can use the french coffee press for much longer than other models with no extra investment.
  • This model is also made with this special borosilicate glass that will ensure the coffee is kept warm for longer than many other French coffee press.
  • The upper level of the press has a plastic liner that will ensure the stainless steel lid won’t get heated, so you won’t burn your fingers and the coffee as well will not loose heat to the lid.

Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press

Includes Coffee Plunger, Press Pot, CafetiereThe last stainless steel model of our list is quite similar to the Secura one, but since it has a less inventive design and has a one layered only filter system, the price is some $ 15 dollars more accessible than that model. Anything else here there is no big difference: also an one layered stainless steel construction with lid and holders thermal insulated. This model is inferior to the Secura one because of these limitations but is a more accessible option in the end that still provides great results as rated by buyers like an almost 5 stars product on web stores like Amazon.


  • Made on stainless steel, including lid, holder and knob
  • Capacity for up to 34 oz.
  • 1 single layered filter


  • Is more accessible than other stainless steel models but still provides great results
  • Is also washable on a dishwasher, residual soap proof

KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker

French Press by Kona smooth coffee every morningThe last model of our list, this KONA press is a quite outstanding French press with a sturdy glass cup and stainless steel filter screen that is mounted on three different parts. The lid of this coffee maker is made of plastic free from BPS and BPA, even though the coffee never touches the lid even when you are pouring it on your cup. All parts of this coffee machine are detachable and washable on your dish washer.


  • Capacity up to 34 oz
  • 3 piece stainless still filter screen
  • Lid free of BPS/BPA
  • Rubber plunger knob
  • Insulated outer shell


  • Ideal to brew and extract any kind of tea of loose leaves or the essential oil of whole beans of coffee. You can also make use of manual coffee grinder to prepare traditional espressos.
  • The machine works like a jar and is portable and sealed when the lid is adequately closed, so you can carry it around like a travel mug.
  • You can wash this french press on your washing machine. All parts are detachable (filter screen, outer shell, lid)

 What is a French Coffee Press After All?

Have you heard about them but has no clue what makes them different from other coffee machines? To put it simply, they are not actually machines but a system to make infusions with coffee grounds coarsely ground, or sometimes not even grounded. This makes a much more natural and healthy coffee. Many essential oils of the coffee are lost when you prepare espressos based on ground coffee powder, because some of these oils are lost to the ambient due to decomposition in contact with the air or when you brew it with paper. French press coffee “machines” are actually carafes with a singular filter system to make infusions. You pour the coffee grounds, tamp them with the filter, pour hot water and let it sit for some minutes. The filter keeps the grounds separated from the infusion, and you have something like a tea coffee, even though it will be as strong as brewed coffee.

What Are the Advantages of a Good French Press Coffee Maker ?

As we said before, this carafe infusion system will capture some exclusive properties of coffee that no other machines or brewed coffee can capture. Coffee grounds have an essential oil that is quite healthy and exclusively obtained through infusions: it is a powerful antioxidant that makes it a good weapon preventing cancer and improving overall your immunological system, when you brew coffee with steam, for example, most of this antioxidant is lost. The essential oil also has antidepressant compounds that work with caffeine to stimulate the body and the brain. The amount of caffeine obtained by this method is more moderate, so it is good for people who are looking for the side effects of caffeine.

A good French coffee press must be able to infuse well the grounds, something that is obtained easily with good stainless steel filter systems. All the machines of our list are like that, the differences between them are based on the thermal materials used in the construction of the carafes and how much layers the filter system provides.


How to Brew Coffee in a French Press.
How to Brew Coffee in a French Press.

How To Find the Best One?

 Based on our list, that will depend whether you want to infuse whole ground coffees, coarse ground coffees or intensively ground coffee and the same goes for teas leaves/grains. The tiniest the coffee or tea, the more layers you will need. The filter system is used to ensure that you will have only an infusion and not a beverage full of solids or leaves so it up to you to decide which machine will work better for the use you are intending. Likewise, these carafes are not thermos bottles, so they will not keep the coffee warm for several hours, on the other hand, some constructions are better insulating builds than others. The thing here is, the longer the water remains on the ideal temperature for infusion – around 97 ºC – the better the infusion will be.

 What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

 These six models are at first glance quite similar since this system is as well quite simple, but the devil is in the details here, especially when it comes to price. It is much better to get a glass french coffee press than a one layered steel one because of the thermal issues. On the other hand, some glass models like the KONA have an outer shell made of plastic, which is a better insulating material than the stainless steel shells. Models like the SterlingPro made of glass however are better to compensate this because the glass is heat proof, while the other are not, but the filter systems have more layers and, depending on the brand, more prestige when it comes to keep the coffee grounds quite far from your beverage. You have to bear in mind quite clearly what you will infuse here to make the best option because depending on what you want, you will not need too much thermal capacities – for tinier ground coffees as they will infuse fast – or filter layers – for bigger grounds or whole beans. As we said, they may look quite similar and simple, but the details make the whole difference depending on your purpose.