Best Espresso Machine Under $300 for 2021

Espresso Machines costing less than $300 can produce a great espresso drink in the convenience of your own home. While there are many great super-automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines available for thousands of dollars, a much more budget conscious espresso machine could be all you need.

We’ve reviewed many espresso machines costing less than $300, and we list the results in the table below to help inform and guide your choice. Sit back, enjoy a good espresso, and check out our list of the best espresso machines under $300 available in the market. We include the important information you need to know. We’ve selected five of the best and well-reviewed and purchased machines you can get easily through online shopping. All these machines are automatic or semi-automatic espresso machines systems that produce your espresso drink in less than a minute with the press of a button or two. Review our guide with tips on the best espresso machines under $300, including must-have features when you choose.

Best Espresso Machine under $300: Our Top 5 Choices

De'Longhi Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

DeLonghi Dedica 15-bar PumpDedica is one of the slimiest models developed by the renowned De’Longhi and our top choice for best espresso machine under 300 dollars.The De’Longhi Dedica is one of the slimiest models developed by the renowned manufacturer De’Longhi and our top choice for best espresso machine under $300. The De’Longhi EC680M DEDICA has many superb features for a low cost. It will provide some of the best espressos you can make at your home. The pressure system is a standard one, up to 15-bar, and you can also froth cappuccinos, lattes, and use the machine as a cup heater. The top tray is especially designed to accommodate cups while the coffee is being brewed or simply kept warm. Dedica also has a patented frothing system that provides thick foam for your coffee, a reason that makes this machine a winner on our “Best Espresso Machines Under $300” for both quality features and price.


  • 15-Bar pressure machine made on stainless steel
  • Includes coffee scoop and tamper, mini descale fluid and filter holder
  • Built-in cup warmer
  • Illuminated intuitive control panel
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Patented cappuccino frothing system


  • The machine has a thermo block technology that will heat up to the ideal temperature in only 40 seconds
  • It will automatically go on standby mode after a period of inactivity, saving energy and money
  • Automatic flow stop
  • Only 6 Inch wide, quite slim to fit conveniently on your counter

KRUPS XP6040 Die Cast Pump Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker

KRUPS XP6040 Expresso and CoffeeThis is the first of two KRUPS on our best espresso machine under $300 list. The 6040 is the latter model released by the brand and has a study composition, completely made on stainless steel, is a classic, beautiful machine. This machine is also more potent than the De’Longhi one, with a 19-bar pressure system. Its control panel is all automated and easy to use, just press some buttons to get what you need, from 1 to 2 shots and even the frothing works with a ready to press option. And since it is a KRUPS machine, you can count on their thermoblock system that is one of the best in the market to keep good coffee always warm and on ideal temperature out of burning.


  • Model of reference: XP6040
  • Espresso machine completely made on stainless steel with a 19-bar pump system
  • Made on Switzerland
  • Capacity for 10 cup
  • Filter baskets for 1 and 2 cups
  • Includes heating cup grid, tamper, spoon, double sided tool


  • Powerful steam nozzle to froth milk and prepare delicious cappuccinos and lattes; hot water function; convenient design with frontal removable water tank and removable drip tray
  • Includes a pause and serve feature so you can remove the carafe whenever you need
  • The thermoblock heating system will keep it on ideal temperature for 2 hours and ideal to serve. Later on it will stop to do not burn the coffee and consequently, do not waste energy for a wasted coffee.

KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine

KRUPS XP100050 ExpressoRicher, stronger, and quicker than regular coffee; espresso is a perfect start for your morning or a perfect end to your meal. Known for its powerful flavor, espresso is a concentrated form of coffee made by forcing pressurized, hot water through finely ground coffee beans. You may love espresso and espresso-related beverages such as cappuccinos and cafe lattes but don’t want to spend a lot of time and money making them at home. In this case KRUPS has a tailored espresso machine for you: KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine. An easy-to-operate, compact, 4-cup espresso machine that quickly delivers excellent espresso and delicious cappuccino.


  • Quickly produce the best-tasting, highest quality espresso drinks in your home
  • Time saving with a quick and simple user experience
  • Space-Saving Compact Design is one of the smallest in the market
  • Money Saving – Make your favorite Specialty Drink at home. You can froth milk in seconds to make a delicious cappuccino, creamy latte or mocha, with the efficient steam nozzle.


  • Easy to operate compact 4-bar steam espresso machine
  • Intuitive 3 way switch knob and convenient steam nozzle to froth milk easily
  • Time saving with a quick and simple user experience
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Safety valve in cap
  • 4-cup glass carafe; measuring spoon included; 750 watts; 2-year worldwide warranty

Keurig K-Cup Special Edition & Signature Brewers

Keurig Special EditionKeurig manufactures some fancy though compact espresso machines. They work exclusively with pods that are manufactured under license of Keurig and to Keurig’s specifications, including the filter pods which allow the use of any ground coffee. Keurig is also makes great Nespresso Machines. Nespresso systems, including this one, make it as simple as selecting your beverage, inserting the pod, adding water and pushing a button. The Special Edition and Signature models are basically the same design. You can get any of them for virtually the same price. The coffee here is brewed with a simple steam system; this is not a pump machine.


  • Models of reference: K60 and K65
  • Brewing espresso machine for patented K-Cups
  • Control panel with One-touch options
  • LCD display with blue backlit and digital clock
  • Includes a pack with 12-count and a water filter kit


  • The On/Off function is programmable
  • 3 different brewing options, for 6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.
  • The temperature is also adjustable
  • You can remove the drip tray for easy cleaning
  • The 60-ounce water tank is also removable and includes a descale indicator. You can clean it on your dishwasher.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker

Mr Coffee Cafe EspressoIf you don’t know Mr. Coffee machines yet, this is a good opportunity to try it one. The brand has produced several home oriented machines since the ’70s and this model is one of the best espresso machines under $300, you can get these days. Different from the Keurig, for example, this one works with a pump system of 15-bar pressure so you can get real foamy espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. The great thing is the fact this machine is quite affordable and can be found for less than $200. You can also get double shots.


  • 3-in-1 semi-automatic espresso, cappuccino and latte maker machine
  • 15-bar pump system
  • One touch panel with options for single or double shot for both espresso, cappuccino or latte
  • Includes filters for single shot, double shot, a measuring scoop and tamper


  • The water and milk reservoir are easily filled and cleanable. They both are removable. The water reservoir holds enough for brewing shot after shot
  • Removable drip catcher
  • The cup tray is adjustable so you can set the height even for big travel mugs

What Is an Espresso Machine?

Espresso machines are not any sort of coffee machine. While the latter is more generic and often means it is only a coffee brewer machine, the espresso ones are more sophisticated, traditional mechanisms that make use of pressure to brew the coffee while simple brewers just make use of hot water. Espresso machines will work with steam pressure, some with special measurements when they are designed with pump mechanisms or levelers. In our list you will see several pump machines, they are the closets you can get to a professional, expensive barista. If you want to take a look at our list of best espresso machines overall you can find it on this link.

What Are the Advantages of Cheaper Espresso Machine?

Often you will find that sub-$300 Espresso machines can produce excellent beverages, be of high quality, and save you money.

How To Find the Best One?

Which is the best choice for you? If you are fine with pods manufactured by some brands, you can stick to much these affordable and simple to use machines. On the other hand, if you like to try different beverages, you choose more versatile machines, like the KRUPS with the universal filter, so you can try pods and ground coffee. Or you can even stick with machines like the Keurig that will provide the option to use pod filters to adapt any kind of ground coffee into pods.

Aficionados should select a pump machine as they are capable of producing a better drink. And, of course, a good froth wand does incomparable foamy cappuccinos and lattes, so finding potent pressure pump machines is also something else to consider for those who are looking for higher standards.

What You Should Know About these types of Espresso Machines

As we said previously, $300 is a good starting point. Much below that, espresso machines may have limited functionality and produce lower quality beverages. The key to making the decision is to decide what is really important to you in terms of beverages, features, and capacity.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

The ultimate statement is: purchase while you can. All these machines were listed originally for prices much beyond of what they worth now but are exclusively available on promotional opportunities.