Favorite Coffee Blend Reveals Your Personality Type


Just like any other thing in life, we have a favorite coffee drink of our own according to our likes and tastes, and they reflect a lot about the way we are and our personality. Ever guessed why you like so much this or that other kind of coffee drink? Check our archetypal profiles based on your favorite coffee drink.


Espresso: The lovers of a simple espresso are practical and dynamic people. One simple dose is all they need to get started and boost they natural determination to make things happen. They don’t need too much tools or ways to carve a path in their lives, they always find a way to make all jobs done and a classic espresso shot is both the cherry on top and the spark to start the fire.

Double Espresso

Double Espresso: One more is always good for this people. They are enthusiastic and have and upbeat rhythm, a double espresso is the perfect dose to keep them on the run. They got strong values and a firm vision of the world. Sometimes optimistic but most of the time realistic and, above all, bold people on their environment, the drinkers of a double shot have a lot of energy and they always try to make things better and useful.

Triple Espresso 

Triple Espresso: Why work with only one or two, when you can handle a triple shot of espresso with a huge boost of caffeine. The loves of the triple shot are both people strong minded and built. They are resilient, often are more physical and down to earth than most people as they like to live life on its fullest. They can also be extreme and destructive because they are often trying to test their limits – and sometimes the ones of the people around them.


Mocha: Drinkers of mocha are candid, light hearted people with optimistic hearts. They really need an harmonic environment surrounding then and this thirst for balance reflects on the way they taste things. They are not really found purely on the taste of coffee as it is too intense and bitter for their calibrated ways. A mix of things is necessary to make things work and the drinkers of a good mocha now that well, they are often as well creative people inventing ways to keep everything beautiful and in peace.


Cappuccino: A cappuccino is the kind of coffee that comes along well with warm conversations where diplomacy and positive vibes surround the atmosphere. The lovers of the cappuccino are social people with great social intelligence. They know very well and very fast the people around them. They can often be quite servient and good hosts of any kind of social gathering.


Latte: The lovers of a latte are people discreet, often with a subtle presence and they don’t like a lot of fuzz either around them. They like espresso but they believe is an excess and an aggression the strong taste of a refined espresso, so they blend it with the softener that milk is. Not too much sugar or other flavors are required, that is excessive too. You will often find this people are quite calm and reserved, they might sound too serious, but they actually are soft and will likely enjoy a good art on the foam of milk.

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee: These people are easily adaptable as a coffee served icy, they are intense creatures that can even go wild and out of limits sometimes. Passionate, even though, still able to keep their composure elegant and discreet for most of the time, they are also eager people that can be quite inventive and visionary on what they do. Young spirited and extroverted, they don’t like at all traditionalism and the “Old ways of doing things here”. They are the kind that show up in a village and open a disco nearby the church.


Macchiato: Just like their favorite coffee, lovers of macchiato are people that exalt skills. They are perfectionist by nature and while they love coffee, there is always something too much that is balanced with a little portion of milk. These people can be quite focused, they are tidy on their manners and sometimes can be way too much self-critical or simply hard critics of the environment surrounding them. Even though they are people that like to feel useful so they don’t do that for being naggy, but for the best of all, according to they way they see things should be.

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