Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Machine review

For many, a coffee maker is the only kitchen appliance that stays out on the counters, so why not make it a focal point of your kitchen? Look no further than the Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Machine.

There is not a more beautifully designed coffee maker on the market, but does it make a good cup of coffee and have all the features you want to justify the price point?

Let’s take a closer look at the new release of Smeg’s gorgeous 50’s style drip coffee machine – the DCF02 series. Taking reviews of the original release into account, Smeg’s design team has improved on its features for the second run, and we think it has paid off, making it a great choice for any coffee lover.

What we love about the Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Machine:

  • Nostalgic 1950’s Retro Aesthetic.
  • Easy to Clean Design and Non-Drip System.
  • Beautiful 10-Cup Capacity Glass Carafe.
  • 1-4-Cup Setting for Smaller Households.
  • Delicate or Intense Aroma Mode.
  • Adjustable Water Hardness: Soft, Medium, Hard.
  • Convenient Programmable Automatic Start.
  • Eco-Friendly Reusable Filter Included.
  • Easy to Operate
  • Improved “Keep Warm” Function – Now Lasting up to 60 Minutes.


Smeg is an award-winning brand offering high-end lifestyle appliances to chic consumers around the world. The brand got started with larger appliances like their iconic retro refrigerator.

It has begun turning out smaller appliances like this 50’s style drip coffee maker that have made a splash with a wider range of consumers.

This retro style coffee maker weighs 7 pounds, and stands 14.25 inches tall, 12.8 inches wide, and 11.4 inches deep.

It has a capsule-like plastic body with stainless steel touches to make it pop, including stainless steel anti-slip feet to keep it in place.


Let’s check out its gorgeous 10-cup glass carafe.

It looks beautiful inside the capsule or while pouring a cup of coffee for a guest.

Without a doubt, its design is one-of-a-kind, and its strongest feature.


This retro-style Smeg comes in a range of unique colors you can’t find anywhere else like pink, mint, and baby blue to name a few.

Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Maker Pink
Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Maker Mint
Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Maker Baby Blue
Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Maker Cream
Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Maker Red
Smeg 50's Retro Pink Drip Coffee Machine
Smeg 1950's Retro Style Coffee Maker Machine (Pastel Green)
Smeg DCF02PBUK Drip Coffee Machine, Auto-Start Mode, Reuseable Filter, Digital Display, Anti-Drip...
Smeg DCF02CRUK Drip Coffee Machine, Auto-Start Mode, Reuseable Filter, Digital Display, Anti-Drip...
Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine, Red, 10 cup
Price not available
Price not available
Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Maker Pink
Smeg 50's Retro Pink Drip Coffee Machine
Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Maker Mint
Smeg 1950's Retro Style Coffee Maker Machine (Pastel Green)
Price not available
Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Maker Baby Blue
Smeg DCF02PBUK Drip Coffee Machine, Auto-Start Mode, Reuseable Filter, Digital Display, Anti-Drip...
Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Maker Cream
Smeg DCF02CRUK Drip Coffee Machine, Auto-Start Mode, Reuseable Filter, Digital Display, Anti-Drip...
Price not available
Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Maker Red
Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine, Red, 10 cup

If you’ve been dying for a retro aesthetic appliance to make your kitchen pop, but don’t want to break the budget, then the drip coffee machine is the perfect opportunity to do so.

It’s among the least expensive appliances this high-style brand offers. And, you’ll get great use out it if you love coffee!

Features & Performance:

Beautiful Innovative Design that’s Easy to Clean

The Smeg’s solid rounded design and glossy color stands out in a lineup of coffee machines – It’s gorgeous.

But, there’s something more innovative about its design than meets the eye: it’s easy to clean!

Compared to every other coffee maker we’ve owned, this capsule-like design and its anti-drip system leaves the least room for coffee splatter messes.


The way the Smeg coffee maker is designed, there are virtually no hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Its exterior stays beautiful easily with a simple wipe of a cloth.

Eco-Friendly Basket Included + A Matching Scoop

Tired of spending extra cash on coffee filters and hurting mother earth in the process? No more with the Smeg’s reusable filter basket!

This filter is easy to clean, works great, and is optional. You can continue using paper filters if you prefer.

The machine also comes with a gray plastic coffee scoop in the same shade as the gray of the machine’s power cord.


Simple Programming + New Added Settings!

The simplicity of the Smeg’s design holds true through its button layout and programming.

There are just two buttons on each side of the time window on the front of the machine.

  • On the left side, there’s the power button and a coffee intensity button.
  • While on the right side there’s a four-cup brew button and an auto start button.
  • On the bottom right of the machine is an attractive silver pressable ball-point lever – that can be used to navigate through settings.

Speaking of settings, this new release of the Smeg Drip Coffee Maker has made some additions.

  • There was always adjustable water hardness (1-3, Soft, Medium, Hard), but now you can also adjust the time from a 12 to 24-hour clock and you can adjust the sound.
  • They’ve also extended the “keep warm” function to now work for up to 60 minutes, compared to the original release’s highest 20-minute option.

Aroma Intensity

There are few joys in life that compare to the wonderful aroma of your favorite brew in the morning.

  • With its aroma button, which is marked with a coffee bean icon, simply press to enjoy a more intense and aromatic experience.
  • The machine’s default (button not lit up) is for a delicate aroma. We brew exclusively with the aroma button on in our household.


The Smeg is the only appliance line that has a complete matching set!

Looking for a brand that you can get great quality coffee appliances all the way from grinder to milk frother to espresso machine? Smeg is the only way to go.

Get all your favorites in the exact same color, or complementary colors.



The permanent filter and coffee holder should be rinsed thoroughly after each use and set out to dry. The carafe should also be cleaned after each use, but with soap and water to avoid staining.

When it’s time for descaling, it will automatically notify you via a light indicator under the clock.

Luckily the process is simple.

Just fill your water reservoir with fresh water, and a decalcification fluid or powder of your choice in the ratio suggested by whatever brand you’re using.

  • Press the auto start button 5 times to activate the descaling mode to begin its automatic descaling process.
  • Once that’s complete, run a full 10-cup brew with only water twice to ensure any residue of the descaling process is gone.

Things to Think About

The only major complaint we have for this Drip Coffee Machine is its water reservoir. Yes, it’s nicely marked from the outside, but when you open the lid to pour water in… that’s where things go wrong. The lid doesn’t open very far back, making the water reservoir hard to access.

Due to the design, you may find yourself angling just right and still spilling a bit.

 Tip:  we’ve found that keeping a tall and skinny water bottle nearby to pour from works the best, but it’s still possible to pour from the carafe if you’re tall and have good aim.

Another minor complaint is one we share in the Smeg Manual Espresso Machine, and that’s the descaling light comes on more frequently than other machines. This might be a hassle for you if you brew a ton of coffee every day, but for others it might be no issue at all.

Setup Process:

The setup process for this Smeg Retro Style Coffee Maker is quick and easy!

  • Step 0: Remove any labels or stickers from the machine and wash and dry each of its components, then reassemble.
  • Step 1: Plug in the unit and turn it on.
  • Step 2: Use the lever on the bottom right-hand side to navigate through the settings menu to set the time and select your water hardness.
  •  Tip:  You may also want to press the aroma button if you like intense aromatics when you brew.

  • Step 3: Lift the lid of your machine by pulling the front tab and fill the water reservoir with clean water, not exceeding the maximum 10-cup level.
  • Step 4: Select how many cups you want 1-4 or 10, and you’re ready to brew!

Final Thoughts:

The Smeg Retro Style Drip Coffee Machine(view on Amazon) is stunning to look at, and more importantly, it consistently brews a great, smooth cup of coffee.


This beautiful appliance has you covered on all the basics you need, but it doesn’t necessarily offer any unheard-of, stand-out features.

There are machines on the market today that have more unique and rare functions like filtering water, grinding beans, or generating coffee bloom. However, if you’re just an ordinary coffee drinker with an extraordinary sense of style, this retro-style coffee machine is all you could want and more.

Aesthetic, Convenience, Simplicity.

You’re sure to feel a sense of pride each morning when you walk into your kitchen with the Smeg coffee maker sitting atop your counter.