Best Espresso Machine Under $200 for 2021

Espresso Machines costing less than $200 can still produce a great espresso beverage. While there are many great super-automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, sometimes space available or your budget or other factors may suggest a lower cost solution.

We’ve reviewed many espresso machines costing less than $200. We present our results in the table below to help you choose the best espresso machine for you in that price range. Be aware that some of these lower priced machines use coffee capsules, which can be a great convenience with some additional cost per cup. You should be aware of whether you want a capsule system or not. Take a look at our list of the best espresso machines under $200 available in the market. As always, we include the important information you need to know to choose among the best in that price range. We’ve selected five of the best which we’ve tested to guide you in your purchase. All these machines are automatic or semi-automatic espresso machines systems that produce your espresso drink in less than a minute with the press of a button or two. Review our guide with tips on the best espresso machines under $200, including must-have features when you choose.

Best Espresso Machine under $200: Our Top 5 Choices

The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino System

Keurig RivoRivo is one of the best electronic pump espresso machines you can get for home coffee brewing. The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino System is attractively priced and offers some exciting feature at this price point. You can froth milk AND prepare an espresso all at the same time, so the machine allows you to prepare multiple beverages for multiple people simultaneously. The only limitation for this great machine is the fact it works with coffee pods, which can be extremely convenient but cost somewhat more per cup. Keurig has its own excellent recipes for cappuccino, latte and espresso, which are the coffee options automatically available to you with the Keurig Rivo machine. On the other hand you can froth milk to infuse your own mix in the cup, so this machine can produce custom recipes and beverages.


  • On/Off Automatic feature
  • Works on Energy-Saving Mode
  • Works with coffee pods
  • 15-bars pressure electronic pump
  • Duo brew design
  • Three patented frothing modes (Cold Froth, Cappuccino and Latte)


  • The duo design of this machine allows you to simultaneously brew two different beverages: on one side you can prepare your espresso, on the other froth milk for a cappuccino or latte
  • You can opt between two espresso sizes, a short shot (1.4 oz.) and the Lungo espresso (2.8 oz.)

Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

Breville Cafe RomaThis Breville Café Roma set is a little bit more affordable than the Keurig machine but is on the same or better level of quality, being constructed of stainless-steel. Likewise, it works with a 15-bar electronic pump, ideal for the most traditional espresso. The Cafe Roma has the Thermoblock function that will always keep the water at the ideal temperature while saving energy. This set also includes two free stainless steel cups for your espressos and a frothing jug.


  • Made on stainless-steel
  • Pump espresso machine with 15-bar pump
  • Thermoblock function
  • Dual-wall filter
  • Froth enhancer
  • Heating plate for cups
  • Water tank with capacity for up to 1-2/7-quart
  • Includes two stainless-steel cups for espressos and a frothing jug


  • Works with electronic pump which provides the ideal pressure for espresso brewing
  • The water tank has an external wall that allow easy viewing of the water level
  • The drip tray and the grid are a removable grid for easy care
  • Dual filter wall provides outstanding crema on your coffee

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

BUNN MCU Singe CupThe BUNN MCU is perhaps the most versatile of the machines available here while it doesn’t work exclusively as a classic espresso barista. The BUNN doesn’t utilize a pump providing bar-pressure it works similarly to stove top coffee brewers. You easily prepare espresso (or tea) with coffee pods, ground coffee, soft coffee, tea pods as well as tea bags and loose tea. The machine comes with several different filters you can attach to the machine depending on what beverage you wish to prepare. You can even remove the drip tray to allow using your favorite tall or travel mug. You can vary the size of the beverage produced simply by varying the water you add to the machine. The BUNN MCU has a maximum capacity of 14 ounces.


  • Coffee maker brews espresso from powder and coffee pods
  • Brews tea
  • Capacity from 4 to 14 ounces
  • Pulse Brew option to stronger flavor
  • Includes 4 different filters/drawers for brewing


  • Prepares coffee in several different ways as well as tea. All you have to do is interchange the drawers/filters depending on what beverage you desire
  • You can use the machine to simply dispense hot water for a variety of purposes (e.g., soup)
  • The preparations are ready in less than 1 minute
  • You can attach any kind of cup or glass. Is possible to remove the drip tray to fit tall cups or travel mugs

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

Keurig K45 Elite BrewingThe Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System is similar to the BUNN MCU model. It is not limited to being an espresso machine. It is a multi-use coffee maker allowing you to prepare many different kinds of coffee or non-coffee drinks utilizing coffee or tea pods. The K45 on the other hand is more limited than the BUNN, as it offers a smaller maximum beverage size (up to 10 oz.) and all the different options of coffee are limited by having only one drawer. On the other hand, you can make iced beverages with this machine and still prepare powder based beverages with only one filter with fewer attachments to deal with.


  • Coffee and tea maker with auto on/off
  • Brews Keurig pods and all compatible sizes
  • Includes removable drip tray
  • Includes charcoal filter and handle, 12-count K-cup pack
  • Water tank with capacity for up to 48 oz


  • Brews many different beverages: coffee, tea, iced beverages, hot cocoa and specialty
  • Brews from 6 to 10 oz.
  • The beverage is ready within one minute
  • Removable drip tray to use tall or travel mugs
  • Available on several different colors

Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System

Keurig K40 Elite BrewingThe last on our list of best espresso machines under $200 is also a Keurig, the K40, which is a previous version of the K45, with very similar features. The Keurig K40 is enticingly inexpensive but will still brew many different kinds of beverages, from espressos to iced mixes and hot cocoa. The K45 has some extra functionalities compared to K40, but the core systems of these machines are the same. The K40 has fewer automated functions like one less cup size button and instantaneous preparation. The Keurig K40 available in only two colors – while the Keurig K45 has many more color options. However, if you are looking for a very capable machine at a very attractive price, and if the Keurig K40 has the features you need, it may be the best choice for you.


  • Coffee machine with auto off
  • Works with pods
  • Includes removable drip tray
  • Includes charcoal filter and filter handle and a 6-count K-cup pack
  • Water tank with capacity of 48 oz.


  • Drip tray removable for preparing your beverage in tall or travel mugs
  • The brew is ready within one minute
  • The water tank is removable and easy to clean
  • Available on black and white versions

Tips For Purchasing any of these expresso machines

  1. Warranty: Most of these machines have several parts made of plastic. Check with the retailer and/or manufacturer for the warranty coverage on any machine in which you are interested.
  2. Removable Parts: The more you can remove, the better. Espresso machines can be difficult to clean. Removable water tanks and dip trays are always welcome.
  3. Beverage source: Always check the compatibility of the machine with the coffee products you wish to use. Most of these machines utilize coffee pods only. You will want to choose a machine with an electronic pump if you want to use your own ground coffee.

Summing Up

These machines will provide excellent quality espressos within the range of capsules or other coffee products they use but they are not exclusively crafted as espresso machines—especially the least expensive models. Bear in mind that some models are designed to work only with pods, so make up your mind about the kind of source for your coffee you want before you purchase one of these for your kitchen.