Best Espresso Machine Under 1000 Dollars in 2016 – 2017

Best Espresso Machine Under 1000 Dollars

When you are up to buy a top notch espresso machine, it might be a bit distracting the wide scope of prices ranging from one model to other, but very great models will cost less or more than a good and round 1000 dollars. You will see here a list of 5 of the best rated and most purchased models of espresso machines under 1000 dollars, and you will understand as well what they offer to cost all that – or only that depending on how much you have to invest here.
Likewise, you can check our quick guide to understand what lies here in this margin of price for espresso machines, the difference between machines and whether they really cost what they should depending on what you are looking for.

Top 5 Under 1000 Dollars

Picture Name
DeLonghi ECAM23210B Compact Magnifica S Beverage Center, Black
KRUPS Falcon Fully Automatic Espresso Machine
DeLonghi Chromed Magnifica S
La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine, Chrome
Jura Impressa C60 Automatic Coffee Center

DeLonghi Compact Magnifica S

This compact version of the famous Magnifica espresso machine is one of the hottest espresso makers you can get under 1000 bucks. DeLonghi did a great job providing a simpler version of one of their most robust and complete models but letting it as robust as possible for a compact machine. The Compact Magnifica S has three different base coffee recipes with an extensive programming panel so you can choose with accuracy the intensity, amount, blend with milk, thickness and so on. The machine also provides a professional grinding system to prepare ground coffee just in time. A truly gem for people who want to enjoy a quite traditional espresso with all the ritual of preparing your ground coffee in time.


  •  Model of reference: ECAM23210B
  •  Compact automatic espresso machine
  •  Built-in water filter system
  •  Patented cappuccino frother.
  •  Patented “Direct to Brew” grinding system
  •  Intuitive interface with options for type of coffee, strength and amount with rotary and push buttons


  • You can make use of tap water for this machine, since it has an exclusive built-in filtration system.
  •  You can prepare latte and cappuccino making use of the patented froth wand to make creamy, foamy beverages.
  •  This machines saves up to 77% energy when switched on the economic mode. The Compact Magnifica makes use of a single boiler system which makes it even more economic and efficient.
  •  The coffee beans will be grounded instantly for fresh beverages.
  •  The brewing system is all removable. You can detach its parts and wash them on your dishwasher.

KRUPS Falcon Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

This KRUPS machine is one of their most refined models and one of the best espresso machines under 1000 dollars . Even though it works like an automatic semi professional espresso machine. KRUPS does a lot of handy coffee machines and this one is by far one of their best models. There are three different recipes of coffee but you can customize each one, deciding whether the coffee will be of a stronger or lighter flavor. This espresso machine has capacity for up to 1.7L, has automatic on/off functions and still provides the Thermoblock technology that keeps the coffee in the right temperature for at least 2 hours.


  •  Model of reference: EA8442
  •  15 bar high pressure pump
  •  Includes KRUPS famous Thermoblock system
  •  Adjustable conical burr grinder made on stainless steel
  •  Automatic shut off and turn on functions
  •  1.7 L capacity
  •  Touch screen control panel with three different beverage recipes and steam or hot water only additional options.


  •  The coffee grinder is adjustable with a manual knob, up to the 58 oz. size
  •  The tray is also adjustable for different cup sizes
  •  The coffee ground collector is removable, as well as the water tank
  •  You can customize each of the three recipes to make your own coffee, enhancing the scope of possible beverages.

DeLonghi Chromed Magnifica S

This Magnifica S is almost the same as the top model you have seen in our list for best espresso machines for less than $1000. The differences are subtle and they will be better for some people depending on certain needs. For example, this model is chromed instead of black, what is better looking for some tastes. The control panel is much more evident and easy to understand, and especially useful for people with eyesight issues. Anything else remains exactly the same. This model actually is a former version of the Magnifica S, so you can count on the built-in water filter, frother wand for cappuccinos and lattes, economic single boil system and all the other features you have seen in the first Magnifica S of our list.


  • Model of reference: ECAM22110SB
  • Compact automatic espresso machine
  • Also includes the built-in water filtering system
  • Exclusive aroma button
  • Also includes the patented cappuccino frother system and the intuitive interface rotary and push buttons.


  •  This is also as economic as the ECAM23210B model. Will save up to 77% energy when switched on the economic mode and works with a single boiling system.
  •  The looks of this machine fits better chrome alike kitchens. The control panel is less minimalist and more organized, with bigger and more obvious displays.

La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Style Espresso Machine

Classic espressos are much more demanding, though the most exigent coffee appreciators know that the best has its own cost, and in this case, it doesn’t cost that much money but time. This Europiccola espresso machine is a traditional lever Italian machine, so it is designed for the preparation with steam pressure operated on piston mechanism. The Europiccola doesn’t have a coffee grinder, for example, and the only automatic function of the machine is the frother wand that allows the preparation of lattes and cappuccinos. While it will demand more skills, time and a singular, standard setting for the preparation of espressos, it is designed to provide the classic Italian coffees as they are meant to be.


  • Model of reference: EPC-8
  •  Semi-automatic lever espresso machine
  •  Chromed stainless steel built
  •  2 stainless steel filter baskets
  •  Internal thermostat for steam pressure system based on piston
  •  Automatic frother wand for milk
  •  Includes screen and the screen holder, the tamper, a cappuccino attachment and a measuring ladle


  •  Classic espresso machine for traditionalist appreciators. While you can’t ground coffee beans with this machine, is is developed to prepare espressos in the most classic and faithful fashion.
  •  Includes an instructional video so beginners can also learn how to prepare a traditional Italian espresso
  •  Drip tray is removable for cleaning

Jura Impressa C60 Automatic Coffee Center

The last machine of our list for espresso machines under $1000 is a quite beautiful and automatic machine, even though for some people it might cost too much compared to the previous machines because it is in fact much more compact. While it also offers frother wand, steam and hot waters functions, it has less customization options, working mainly with a rotary button option that offers adjustments for amount of coffee and water. Even though, it does provide a great thermostat of 15 bar pressure able to create high quality espressos, as well as it has a coffee grinder. The machine will, actually, grind and brew all with only one command, so it is also quite practical and easy to use, somehow what justifies its price alongside the fancy look.


  •  Version of reference: 15006
  •  Control panel with one rotary switch button
  •  15 bars of pressure
  •  Made on stainless steel, finished on black ABS plastic
  •  Capacity for up to 64 ounce of water


  • The machines grinds beans and brews with only one simple command due to the rotary touch button.
  •  You can program several tasks, from the amount of coffee to grind and brew, to the strength, aroma, and on/off time.
  •  You can adjust the height of the spout to accommodate different cup sizes.
  •  Quite elegant and minimalist design.

What Are the Advantages of a Good Espresso Machine ?

If you feel lost on purchasing an high quality espresso machine under 1000 dollars for your home, working with this quote of 1000 dollars is all you need to get to the best machines because they will mostly be handy versions of commercial, outstanding models that are used by the coffee industry. Of course we are not running away too much from this price, but you don’t need to invest more than that unless you are looking for imported models or rarities. Beyond this price you will also find big machines that would never fit on your kitchen or living room.

How To Find It?

You have to consider the fact that the more you spending money here, the more fancy and convenient the machine must be. For this price you must not accept the lack of a versatile customization and a grinding system built-in – except for the case of the lever machine which is a completely different case of standards. Machines in this quote are supposed to be really versatile and complete, even though they are yet mostly compact versions, they are a compact that comes from commercial, large scale machines. Consider your love for coffee, how many different variations you appreciate and how much versatility a machine can offer to you, that’s the way to go to make up your mind about the best one.

What You Should Know

For this price under 1000 dollars you can get some of the best machines to use at home, on the other hand, they offer mostly a quite automated experience, this is no place for people who appreciate quite artisanal preparations. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with traditions to have a great quality coffee. Most of the brands listed here are top notch manufacturers known for producing the finest coffees you can get in the market. They have patented, fancy thermostat systems, secret technologies to brew coffee with outstanding quality and a quite complex digital programming that allows you to make many different coffees with only one machine and few adjustments.

Type of Espresso You Can Get for less then 1000

You can get a lot of convenience and beauty as well as you can get a lot of high quality and versatile coffee stations on your own home. The 1000 quote is really reasonable for fancy espresso machines, you don’t have to spend much more than that to get better quality, you will actually get only wider quality, i. e., multiple shots spots at the same time, ideal for cafeterias, or more options of lever machines, which often cost a bit more, no wonder you have seen only one model here. But since the point here it home espresso machines, you are just right on the point with this price – because the lever ones are also a toy much more designed for commercial use than home.
When we say 1000 by the way, we include a scope of machines that were originally listed way upper than that and are now on promotional sale. Machines that are originally listed for this price will be with no doubt of lesser quality. You can expect a lot of automatic machines here, no reason to spend on a semi automatic unless it is a lever one.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

There are big discrepancies between these top models that are not about price, but about features, and this will really depend on what you are looking for to judge whether it is worthy or not. For example, the DeLonghi models are by far terrific for this 1000 dollars quote, with several functions and customization’s, even though you have machines like the KRUPS one or the Jura one costing practically the same thing.
The former could cost much less and the last one is not even comparable even though it is the most automatic one of the list. What you have to consider here is the conveniences versus the quality. If you are looking for a versatile and outstanding coffee machine, it is worthy much more the ones that offer more customization or credibility – like the leveler La Pavoni – than the ones that offer a easy to follow process like the overly modern appliances. Sometimes is better to have more options of coffees than a simple option that will brew a fine espresso with only one command. Is up to your needs and standards.

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